RecyclingCurbside Recycling Program

Rosemead's curbside recycling program is one easy way for residents to recycle. Follow these guidelines when recycling:

Use the blue bin to recycle:

  • All metal cans - including soft drink, soup, vegetable and pet food cans.
  • All clear glass containers, bottles and jars (no lids please!).
  • Most household containers - including plastic bottles, dish soap, shampoo and milk bottles

If your recyclables won't all fit in your blue bin, call Consolidated Disposal Services (1-888-339-3723 or 1-626-288-7466) and they will deliver a second blue bin at no cost.

For additional ways to recycle, log onto

Use your green waste containers for:

  • Grass, leaves, and plant trimmings that you are unable to divert through composting or grass recycling (tips on smart gardening are available from LA County Department of Public Works by calling 1-626-458-3524 or visit their website).

Use the waste container for automated collection for:

  • General household waste disposal items.

Also, don't forget that waste containers must be removed from curbsides no later than 8:00 pm on day of collection. Refuse containers should not be placed curbside before 6:00 pm on the day preceding collection. Compliance with these simple regulations will not only improve the neighborhood's appearance, but will ensure that containers won't interfere with the street sweeper.

Recycling videos to help you learn about recycling!

Recycling guide to help you around the house!

Virtual Tours! Do you wonder where your recycling and trash goes? Take a virtual tour of our recycling centers and landfills here!

Business Recycling: The City of Rosemead has a recycling program available to all businesses.

California State Law AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling mandates that all businesses with more than 4 yards of trash per week are required to recycle their paper, cardboard, metal cans, and plastic bottles.

Recycling Services in the City of Rosemead is discounted and can help your business save money!

Republic Services can visit your business and provide you with free stickers and posters to help you get started! To schedule a free waste consultation, email Renee at [email protected]

Businesses that are outstanding environmental leaders and participate in recycling and food waste recycling programs are nominated for the new “Business Sustainability & Environmental Leader Award”. Email Renee at [email protected] for more information!

Recycle Rewards:

City of Rosemead Residents can earn gift cards by taking a recycling survey! At the end of each quarter, Residents that submitted survey responses are entered a raffle for gift cards. Submit your responses