City of Rosemead Goes Online

City of Rosemead Goes Online Today!
Posted on 11/22/2017
City of Rosemead Goes Online Today!

At the next Board of Commissioners meeting, on Tuesday, June 8th, City and County will be live with its new Online Agenda Management System.

This Online Agenda Management System automated the agenda creation process, allowing the entire agenda packet to be available on the County's web site.

Online users will also be able to see the agenda, its attachments and watch webcasts of the County Board meeting all at the same time.

The new system will be really nice for the public,” said George McClure, Information Services Director for County. "In one corner, you’ll be able to view the agenda and find your topics of interest. From there, you can click to watch the webcast which will play in another corner of the page. You can also open and display an item’s attachments to show in another area. You can view all three at the same time on one easy to see page."

The city has been doing live webcasts of its Board meetings since 2001. Although that piece has been in place for about 15 years, the agenda packet and attachments were still assembled the old fashioned way, manually with paper copies. Automating the agenda process and providing the public with agenda packets online will result in efficiency and cost savings.