Electronic Plan Check

Electronic plan check allows you to submit plans for review electronically. 

Plan Review Application

Online Plan Submittal Portal

For information on how to file an application contact the City Public Works Department. 

Please note that electronic plan check utilizes e-PlanSoft cloud-based software. In order to use electronic plan check, you will be required to create a free e-PlanSoft account.

Plans Accepted for Review:

     •   Final Parcel Maps
     •   Final Tract Maps
     •   Alley/Street Dedication, Easement, Lot Line Adjustment, Lot Merger Documents

To Begin Using GoPost:

1. Create a user account, link on the right.
2. Fill out the Plan Review Application page.
     •   Select one of the accepted application types and complete the application page.
     •   You can submit and track multiple applications under one user account. 
     •   For detailed instructions, please follow the STEP BY STEP Guidelines
3. Upload your plans and required supporting documents in PDF format. (Click Here for Electronic Submittal Recommendations)
4. Projects can be submitted 24/7, but if they are submitted outside of business hours, they will not be accepted for review until the following business day.
5. Keep in mind, Submittal Date when verifying Expiration Date is the date you filed the permit application with the City, not the day that you submit through this portal.
6. The following must also be part of your submittal package before it is accepted for plan check. Once everything is checked off, you are ready to submit.
    •  Copy of application(s)
    •  Related documents (i.e. calcs, soils report, etc.)
    •  If applicable, Planning decision letter/resolution/conditions of approval