Curb Marking Policy & Procedures

It is the objective of this policy to identify the procedures and approval criteria associated with installing curb markings. These procedures were developed in an effort to meet the needs of the community while following the standards of practice for the installation of curb markings. Additionally, this policy establishes the standards and procedures by which curb marking requests are reviewed and implemented. 

Business and property owners can request curb markings by filling out and returning the General Curb Marking Request FormThe application request does not guarantee approval.

Curb Marking Evaluation Process

Each curb marking request requires time for staff to evaluate the request, conduct field visits, collect and analyze data (if necessary), mark curb-painting locations in the field, and to install the requested curb markings.

When the Public Works Department receives a completed Curb Marking Application, City staff will process the request on a first-come first-serve basis.  Listed below are the steps involved in evaluating a curb marking request.

a. Field Visit – After the completed application is received, City staff will conduct a field visit to assess the problem and identify possible solutions within two weeks of receipt of the completed curb marking application.  Curb marking requests involving safety issues have priority over other requests.  Therefore, when a safety request is received, City staff will conduct field visits and investigate the location within three working days of when the request is received to determine if immediate improvements are necessary.

b. Data Collection (if necessary) – Additional data, such as parking survey information, may be necessary to review some curb marking requests.  A parking survey may be needed to assess the impact on parking in the area when parking activity is high, or to determine if the parking activity in the area is high enough to warrant installation of the requested curb marking.  When necessary, parking surveys require an additional two weeks to evaluate the need and feasibility of the requested curb marking.

c. Contact Adjacent Residence/Property Owners (if necessary) – An additional step in the review process is necessary when the requested curb marking will affect locations other than that owned by the requestor.  Under such conditions, the City will seek input from the affected property owners.  Notices will be sent out to property owners when colored curbing, which was not requested by them, will be installed in front of their property.  When the location of a requested curb marking is in a place other than the requestor’s property frontage, the request will not be granted without the affected property owner’s signature on the Curb Marking Request Form or a letter from the affected property owner consenting to the curb marking.

d. Review and Evaluation – Following the field visit and data collection, staff will evaluate the circumstances of the particular request and make a determination regarding the feasibility of the requested curb marking.  The review and evaluation process will be conducted within two weeks from the time when the field visits and data collection are complete.  If City staff determines that the requested curb is justified, then it will be taken to Traffic Commission with a recommendation of approval.  If City staff determines that the requested curb is not justified, then a denial letter will be sent along with an explanation of the appeal process.

e. Notification – Upon completion of the review of the requested curb marking, City staff will send a letter to the requestor documenting the results of the analysis, the City’s findings, and a schedule for the item to be reviewed by the Traffic Commission and the City Council.

f. Curb Marking Approval – If City staff determines that the requested curb marking is feasible and justified, then it will be taken to the Traffic Commission.  The Traffic Commission’s recommendation will then be taken to the City Council for a determination of final approval or denial.  Any decision of denial on curb markings made by the Public Works Department is appealable to the Traffic Commission followed by the City Council 

The City of Rosemead recognizes disabled person's need to park in close proximity to their residence when sufficient and/or accessible off-street parking conditions are limited. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Sections 22507 and 22511.5 et al., a limited number of on-street parking spaces may be designated by the City for the benefit of residents with an identifiable need for on-street disable parking without significantly affecting the available curb parking in an area. 

The applicant may request an on-street disabled persons' parking space by submitting an application by filling out and returning the Residential On-Street Disabled Persons' Parking Program ApplicationThe application request does not guarantee approval.

Please mail or submit the application with proof of residency and proof of disability to:

City of Rosemead
Public Works Division
8838 E. Valley Boulevard
Rosemead, CA 91770