Encroachment Permit

Encroachment permits are required for any work that is to be performed in the public rights of way (outside of a parcel owner's property line) such as sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveway aprons, and street pavement. No work shall be done on public property without first obtaining a permit. Fees vary depending on the type of encroachment and the amount of staff hours needed to review and inspect it. Please fill out only the top portion of the application, and email to [email protected]. A Public Works Permit fee summary for the project will be forwarded to you once a review of all the required documents has been conducted.

Public Works Permit Application

Site Plan Submittals Requirements

Utility Trench Supplemental Standards

All contractors must have the following information to obtain a permit:

  • Completed and signed permit application – must include the number of working days needed to complete the project
  • Site Plan/Excavation Plan – must be signed and stamped by the City Engineer if related to private property improvement/development project
  • Traffic Control per attached plan and/or WATCH/CA-MUTCD Manual diagrams that delineate the work location, speed limit, and distances and spacing of cones and signs. 
  • A copy of the selected Contractor’s pocket license – must have appropriate licensing for the type of work being performed
  • A copy of the selected Contractor’s Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the City as an additional insured
  • A copy of the selected Contractor’s City Business Registry

Applicants installing new connections to existing public sewers are required to include the following additional permit and fees with their application submittal:

  • Copies of the LA County Sanitation District payment of connection fees for the effluent changes and 
  • LA County Public Works Sewer Maintenance Division permit for the connection to the sewer main (links provided below)
  • Modifications to public sewers requires Los Angeles County Sanitation District and Los Angeles County Sewer Maintenance review.

LA County Sewer Maintenance Saddle Installation Permit, click HERE
LA County Sanitation District Connection Fee, click HERE
LA County Public Works Sewer Plan Check Process, click HERE

  • On the EPIC LA Permit Helper page, please proceed to following the Exception instructions if you encounter the following message: Your jurisdiction is the City of Rosemead. We do not serve this area. Please contact the City of Rosemead for more information. 
  • Exception:  If you are submitting for a permit/plan check for a LA County Owned/Operated facility, please proceed with submitting with this address by going to Apply → Permits → All (see screenshot below).   A link to apply is also below, however, it will only work if you selected "Remember Me" when logging in.

    During the submittal process, you will get a warning message that you can click past if you are submitting for a LA County Owned/Operated facility.
EPIC LA Apply for Permit

An encroachment permit from the City of Rosemead is required to place a bin on the street. This permit is available at the top of this page under Public Works Permit Application. The City of Rosemead has an exclusive franchise with Republic Services and you must use this company's roll-offs and bins. Dumpsters must have lighted barricades at each end and must be removed after seven (7) days. Republic Services Dumpster Guide

Republic Services
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