Zone Change

A Zone Change is a procedure which changes the zoning district of a property from one zone to another. One example would be changing it from a Residential District to a Commercial District. By State law, all zone changes must be consistent with the City's General Plan.


  1. Pre-Application meeting (s): A meeting with the Planning Division is strongly encouraged PRIOR to submitting an application. Such a meeting will help provide information in terms of requirements, standards, and fees and will help in preparing the application.
  1. Development Review Committee (DRC): The DRC is an advisory committee composed of City Staff and other agencies which review projects for compliance with existing codes and standards. The DRC does not have formal decision making authority. Prior to the public hearing, a DRC meeting is scheduled. After the DRC meeting, the applicant will be advised of the conditions of approval and the City staff's recommendation on the project. There is an opportunity at this stage of the process to discuss areas of concern or differences and resolve them prior to Planning Commission and City Council Action.
  1. Planning Commission: A public hearing before the Planning Commission is conducted. At the hearing, City staff will present a report on your application. The conditions of approval and recommendation to the Planning Commission will be those discussed with the applicant previously. Members of the public will be invited to make comments on the project. Decisions of the Planning Commission are final unless appealed to the City Council.
  1. City Council: A public hearing before the City Council is required to adopt a zone change request. The hearing is conducted in much the same manner as the Planning Commission hearing described above. Zone Changes are adopted by Ordinance.

Please contact the Planning Division at (626) 569-2140 with any questions regarding Zone Change Applications. You may also visit the Planning Division Office to discuss your project with a planner. The Planning Division is located at Rosemead City Hall, 8838 E. Valley Blvd. The Planning Division's hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.