Items to submit with business license application

Licenses and Registrations are required by many Federal/State/County agencies for many of the business types. A copy of any license or registration required by these outside agencies must be submitted along with your application when conducting business activities that fall under these requirements. Example:

  • Contractor - License from the California State Contractor's License Board.
  • Attorney - State BAR
  • Insurance Broker/Agent - California Department of Insurance
  • Auto Repair - California Board of Automotive Repair
  • Travel Agents - Registration with the California Department of Justice

Retail and Wholesale - Any business that sells any type of product that is not manufactured by that business must submit a Seller's Permit from the Board of Equalization along with their Business License Application.

Corporations - The Statement of Information as registered with the Office of the Secretary of State must be submitted with the application to document the current officers of the corporation.

  • If the Statement of Information has not been stamped by the State, then provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation as well.

Fictitious Business Name (DBA) - if you have filed a DBA with the office of the County Recorder, you must also submit a copy of that DBA with your application. NOTE: it is not a requirement that you file for a DBA, however there may be some protections for you.

Federal Tax ID Registration (FEIN) - you must register with, and obtain a FEIN number with the IRS if your business will operate with employees.

Establishment License - businesses in the beauty or barbering industry must obtain an establishment license from the Board of Barbering.

Background Check and Livescan - is required for certain types of businesses. To check if your business requires a background check click HERE.

Fire Safety Review - Each new business that is not a continued use of the previous business at any location, must register their business with the County of Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Prevention Division. An application and Statement of Intended Use is used to submit to the Fire Prevention Division can be accessed HERE.

Photo ID - a government issued photo ID of either an owner, local manager of responsibility, or corporate officer must accompany all applications.