Homeless Count

The City of Rosemead participates in the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) Greater Los Angeles Homeless Point in Time (PIT) Count. In 2021, the PIT Count was not conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The most recent PIT Count of unsheltered persons was from 2020 and the results of Rosemead's count showed that the number of unsheltered homeless persons decreased from the 2019 count. In 2020 there were 79 unsheltered persons, down from 91 in 2019. Following is the breakdown for unsheltered persons in Rosemead on the night of the Homeless PIT Count 2020:

Persons on the Street: 42
Persons in Cars: 7
Persons in Vans: 8
Persons in RVs/Campers: 12 
Persons in Makeshift Shelters: 9
Persons in Tents: 1
Total: 79

Homeless Count Graph 2016-2020

For general information about the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, please visit https://www.lahsa.org/homeless-count/ .