Youthworks Program

Youthworks, a City of Rosemead Public Safety program, provides a second chance to teens that find themselves in trouble and have been ordered by the court to perform community service hours. Rosemead teens that are required to serve community service are guided by the Rosemead Public Safety Business Unit through projects aimed at benefiting the community, while also giving participants the opportunity to gain skills, increase discipline, and develop self-esteem.

Youthworks allows teens to complete their community service hours by working weekends and after school on community projects such as graffiti removal, park maintenance, and red curb painting, as well as other activities that benefit Rosemead neighborhoods and the region.

The purpose of the program is to discipline youth for deviant behavior, while at the same time, helping them to acquire new skills and a more positive direction than merely correcting negative behavior. If you are interested in becoming involved with Youthworks, please contact the Public Safety Center.