Message from LA County Sheriff

Message from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department-Temple Station
Posted on 10/10/2020

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department-Temple Station is aware of numerous social media postings regarding a use of force incident at Rosemead Park, located at 4343 Encinita Avenue, Rosemead. The incident occurred on October 9, 2020, at approximately 11:00 am. Unfortunately, some have made irresponsible accusations in an apparent attempt to cause discord. Here are the facts: A female deputy s
heriff was patrolling her area of responsibility at Rosemead Park when a male transient assaulted the deputy in an unprovoked attack. A citizen bystander witnessed the assault and helped the deputy detain the suspect. Several deputy personnel responded and assisted in detaining the suspect. The female deputy and the suspect sustained non life-threatening injuries. We thank the courageous citizen bystander who helped the female deputy in this violent attack upon her.

As part of our standard practice, a use of force review of the incident is currently being conducted. Several interviews, witness statements, and physical evidence will all be examined to ensure the department's standards were met. Additionally, the tactics and actions by the deputies will be scrutinized to ensure best practices, under the circumstances, are appropriately addressed. Anyone who witnessed the incident is encouraged to contact Temple Station Watch Commander at 626-285-7171.

Lt. Tony Duong